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Staying at home

From Thursday 26th March, 2020, we all need to stay at home within our 'bubble'.

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is vital to protect people’s health and ensure our health system can cope and look after New Zealanders who become sick.

You may go for a walk or exercise and enjoy nature, but keep a 2-metre distance from people at all times. You can take your children outside, but not to the playground.

Food will always be available – production will continue, distribution will continue, supermarkets will continue. You will always have access to food.

Medicines will always be available.

Healthcare for those that need it will be available.

Financial support has been extended to those unable to work or on reduced income. Find out more about COVID-19 financial support on the Work and Income website

Remember, whatever you do must be on your own or only with those staying at your house and keep your distance from all others at all times. This includes grandparents, neighbours, friends and other family members. Keep in touch by ringing, calling using video or social media, but do NOT visit.

We all need to protect New Zealand and eradicate COVID-19. Enforcement measures may be used to ensure everyone acts together, now.

See the Government's dedicated COVID-19 website for information on:

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